Monday Morning Sunshine!

A Deer in the woods

A snow frosted Tree

Critter tracks in the snow

I can't even begin to tell you how beautiful the snow is this morning. It is only 17 degrees right now but the sun is shinning brightly and the frosting of snow just adds to the beauty. When the snow falls and there isn't a lot of wind, it tends to coat the trees and covers the ground with a clean white blanket. The tracks of the critters in the fresh snow make for interesting trails to and from snow caves and food. On the way out to get the paper, I saw fresh deer tracks and judging from the distance between hoof marks he was either running or a pretty big deer.

This weekend Barb and I went over to breakfast in Lawrence at the HiVee Store. I think it was mostly an escape from cabin fever for me and Barb came along for the ride. We listened to a financial planner on talk radio and agree that the road to financial prosperity is filled with land mines for those of us that spent any time saving for our retirement. Who would have thought when we purchased our "Tax free" IRA's and 401(k)'s that there would be so many road blocks to pure enjoyment of their benefits. In fact, we have put them in the "On Hold" status rather than deal with the problems. Who would have thought that Social Security would be in any part taxable? If we put all of our Social Security into with holdings, we might not have to pay any additional taxes on April 15th. As many of us are concerned, the Government is looking for ways to pay off the debt burden and the money we have squirreled away looks like a bag of nuts to a hungry critter.

Dang, I was going to try to keep his post light and pretty and it turned off political. I guess that it just shows you how much we need to get out and go where we can ride in the sunshine.


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