Home, I'm Home Jiggity Jog

Let me be the first to tell you that all those years I laughed at old people driving those Fords and Lincoln's, I was wrong. If you really have to eat up miles on the Interstate, get a Crown Victoria and set the cruise control. That car has electric seats and a lumbar support and if you move it around from time to time you can arrive after 10 hours and able to get out of the car. I did drive into a 20 MPH headwind that would have buffeted a small car hard all day. That big old car got 22 MPG and drove on.

Barb and I have started stopping at Wal*Marts as we travel. Good clean restrooms, a warm place to walk around and a chance to get a few munchies and a bottle of water. The trick is knowing where the stores are located. Most of them are near the Interstate and East Wichita is no different. I just need a little walking after a couple of hours in the car.

I want to tell you that I have found two places worth going to. The first is McAlester's Deli. They have great deli food, spuds the size of Texas and great Iced tea. The second place is probably no surprise to Barb's family but the Marie Calendar by Norman, Oklahoma served a lunch that was just great. I got the Pork Loin and there were two pieces of meat in a yummy gravy with mushrooms, a big old scoop of Garlic taters and some steamed vegetables done just right. The only thing bad was that neither Barb nor I had room to eat a slice of pie.

Today I need to do a little shopping so I'll cut this short here.



  1. Oh no! You've discovered my weakness; Marie Calendar's. I believe you should have got some pie to go!

  2. And by the way, that's the only Marie Calendar's in the OKC area. Thank God or I'd be there every day.

  3. Hey MUD, glad y'all made it home. I think I told ya' you would like a Crown Vic.

    Smooth...reliable...and, I'm impressed with the 22 mpg. Better than I even thought. My Sable normally weighs in at just under/over 30, but it's not as roomy.

    You am is a smart man.

    We've got a McAlester's here in Bossier. Pam has eaten there several times with her Momma. But, I've never been there. Gonna give 'er a try on your recommendation.

    RE your last post. Man, you really were in nosebleed country. Glad you got back. Later...