Did I say SNOW?

Final Snoiw Depth 4 inches
Cardinal at feeder
Junkos in snow

Yesterday all the weather men could talk about was the snow that was coming. We got about an inch of light fluffy stuff and everyone went to bed with a smile that we had been missed. Well, this morning we aren't being missed, we are being seriously snowed on. Big old fluffy snow flakes are falling on that one inch base and it is piling up fast. The wife is supposed to go to the Lawn and Garden show about 10:30 and I'm not sure I want her to go at it alone. If I am lucky, she will let me take her in the front wheel drive Buick. Or, she will stay home.

Things are heading towards the end of the basketball season and it is fun to see where the predictions of greatness landed. I guess the biggest loser so far is Texas. That team has more talent than KU but just can't get it together. Yes, the one thing they focused on was big men and they are suffering from lack of a point guard. KU is so deep that the number 26 player in the nation last year as a high school senior is sitting on the bench trying to get some playing time. Collins, Morningstar, Taylor, Reed and Johnson all could start for Texas and they would be better for it. At Colorado, the Buffs gave the Hawks a run for their money. Yesterday, the hawks gave them a good old fashioned butt whipping and could have easily run the score up over 100 but the coach is well aware that Oklahoma will be here Monday night ready to play so the subs got into the game. One announcer mentioned to Bill Self that they have a three game lead with 4 games to play. He mentioned that we only need to win one more to tie for the BIG XII league play championship. Bill commented that KU is not in the mindset that they want a tie. They are in it to win it.

Looking at the snow on top of the bird feeder, we have a serious two inches now and no sign of a let up. There is very little wind right now but by this evening the north wind can drift everything shut.

Stay warm people.


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  1. I'm so jealous! Off to check the weather and see if there's a chance it'll make it this far south. I'm guessing not. :(