It seems like forever since a day started out with sunshine. I'll take it for what its worth. I spend a lot of the day yesterday in the garage installing a new opener on the middle door. I'll dissect the old opener as soon as it gets a little warmer to see what went wrong. I hope it is something as small as a coupler on the drive gear. If it is something more, trash.

Our plans for a run to Austin are changing as I write. The kids were going there to visit their friend Mel and she will now be here. Barb's step-sister is in the hospital in Olathe and not doing well so they were thinking that they may have to stay here anyway. About the only thing I can say that is any way near certain in that we will probably be in Austin for the game on Monday night the 8th and everything else is on hold or variable.

Speaking of Roundball, The intensity of the BIG XII race has heated up and Texas is number two at 5 and 2. They managed to lose to two teams that KU beat. After watching KU work darned hard to beat the purple people in Manhattan, I can understand a Texas loss there. It is the Baylor loss on their own floor that makes me wonder. I guess it is only a game and on any given night, anyone can lose focus long enough to lose.

The other day, I read about a woman that sends thank you notes to her friends for everything. It reminded me of the wife of a friend that never, repeat never let you get in the last thank you. She would send you a note thanking you for a thank you note. She was always pleasant and it was not a great big deal but I did try to out thank her one time and on the forth or fifth note I quit.

There is a beautiful male flicker out there today. He looks to be in his spring colors early. By the time I get the camera he is gone or I would share a picture of him. The camera on my phone doesn't take a big enough picture to pay him homage.

Have a great day out there.


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