Funny Day

Yesterday the Son had wisdom teeth removed at an Oral Surgeon's office. They put him under and he came home with me to have someone there while he recovered from the gassing. He snores, I wonder where he gets that? After my Barb went to pick up his Barb from work they stayed for supper. Barb Jr was all full of sympathy and Dave was just starting to feel normal. It was fun to watch. Come to think of it, it was fun to watch Dave under the influence. He was very passive aggressive and way over confident of his ability. I think it is a good thing that he chooses to not drink.

Years ago, Barb and I were on a trip through California and went through Gilroy California. That's where the annual Garlic festival is held. For Christmas I got a gift package of Garlic products from an outfit called Garlic Festival located there in Gilroy, CA. If you like a good Garlic flavor, I would recommend you go on line to http://www.garlicfestival.com and order some of their Garlic Garni. They have one garni that has 80% less salt and one that has cheese added for a sprinkle on spaghetti. I am going to try a new one with lemon with the garlic to sprinkle on fish. Can't wait until my order gets here. No, it is not cheap, but man is it good.
I even ordered some for the kids.

I have a big Bissel Rug Cleaner that I didn't use for a few months. For some reason it didn't work when I started to use it at the Valley Brook house. I brought it home and took it apart last night. After some cleaning it mysteriously started working. I don't understand but I am glad that it works.

I am listening to CNN this morning and it appears that some cities are now charging for emergency services that they can't pay for with depleted budgets. I understand but I feel there are some levels of service that our taxes must cover. If you have a medical emergency and don't buy their $50 policy, it will cost you $400. That's OK for me but I'm sure there are people that don't have the extra $50 let alone the $400.

If you read yesterday's post and it caused you to think. It worked. Oh well, better get a jump on the day.


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  1. Heh! Dave sounds like me. That's why I choose not to have my wisdom teeth removed!

    Seriously, I had all four out at one time when I was about 22. I laid on the couch, and popped percodan every hour on the hour.

    My recovery was the best two days of my life. Heck, I solved every problem, wrote 3 novels, and cured cancer, all in my head, while on that old couch.

    It's a shame that when I came to, I hadn't written all the answers down...