6 Degrees and Sunshine

Early mornings will usually find me headed out to the end of the driveway to get the morning paper. I usually stop by the bag of cat food and grab a handful of food for the front porch kitty. He jumps up on a table there on the patio and gets a meal and a little petting. Normally I am back inside with the door closed by the time he has eaten. This morning with the temperature at 6 degrees, he was back in the garage waiting for me to close the door by the time I got back with the paper. There is a tool bag with a work coat in it that he camps out in when he is in the garage. I normally try to get him to go back outside but this morning after fetching the paper I understand that any warm place beats the heck out of outside. I say Curse you to anyone that tries to feed me that AGW crap. One of our friends posted that her child made his first snowman in Dallas, Texas. If you want to believe conditions rather than Climate, I hope you get frost bite on your butt.

Last night I drove over to Dave's and tried to back over by his porch to unload the shop Vac. I have removed the ballast from the trunk and that Crown Vic just slid all over the place in about 4 inches of snow and she's still in the field by his driveway. Crap. Sometime this morning I'll load up the sackrete sacks in the Buick and see if I can coax the Ford out of the snow.

The paper is full of the Hawks and their 13-0 run in the BIG XII. They have clinched at least a tie for the conference championship and are trying to run out the win streak. They have Oklahoma State, K-State and Missouri left to play. Any one of those teams are capable of winning especially the two games on the road. Does anyone out there want to bet on Cole Aldrich's return for his senior year next year? As an academic All American he just might come back.

Last night, K-State played in Lubbock at Texas Tech's home. It did not surprise me that there were a lot of empty seats in their beautiful stadium for that game. There were empty seats last year when KU showed up. I will never stop being amazed that a school can coax 40,000 to 80,000 people out to watch football and not be able to fill a 16,000 seat basketball arena. KU has had a sell out for the last 145 games at home and have won almost 60 in a row. At least ESPN didn't have Bobby Knight call the game at his old school. I wonder how how many times he would have given the game to Texas Tech en route to their playing poorly and losing?

I am watching the bushy tailed rats eat food on the back porch this morning. Instead of everyone just eating, at least one is chasing the others in a vain attempt to get it all. The two little guys just rush back in and eat while the big Momma chases one of them away. I am pretty sure that it is a Momma squirrel and her two babies from last year. I see the sharing a hole in the tree up by the dinning room. We have gray squirrels and some red one's. The red's are bigger but the Gray's are faster and feistier.

Stay Warm out there


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