It's Slick Out there!

The weathermen are predicting that the sleet will continue for a while and then turn to snow by the end of the day. With an accumulation of about 4" it probably won't cause us to change out plans to be in Austin for Monday night game with Texas. The KU Jayhawks are sure to give me a heart attack soon. Their game in Colorado was so intense that I couldn't watch it very long. I did catch the overtime and the best part of the game. How good are they? Good enough to win. A Fan in Nebraska said "We won the first half". Hate to burst the bubble dude, the game ain't over until the game is over. It is not the score at anytime during the game, but the final score that makes it a win or a loss. Ask Memphis if they think they won a moral victory two seasons's ago. Will KU lose another game this season? Probably but they have a target on their back and everyone is giving their best to beat the number one team. Oh well, enough roundball talk.

We had a large group over for supper last night and I did the Fajita dinner trick. Anyone that went home hungry did so because they wanted to. I made the food fairly plain but had all the condiments to take it over the top. There were even some sliced jalapenos if anyone wanted really to kick it up. We even had Kyler and Austen here to add to the fun. Those guys just add excitement to any gathering. Barb helped take Austen's picture for some school project. She photo shopped the photo and really amazed everyone when she was able to crop out a great picture. In her words, "You can't trust anything you see anymore". I think she let Kyler turn his picture blue. Cool stuff.

For some reason I didn't sleep the first night our house guest was here and she was up working all night. Typical of me, I made up for it and I know that Barb did. She just told me that she was working on the computer just a few feet from me until 3 AM. I didn't hear a thing.

Oh well, a good breakfast is about to be fixed.


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