Gray Day

As the morning sky got lighter, the blue sky of Kansas never showed up. We have this gray colored sky that portends snow and a day time temperature not much higher than freezing. With the birds hitting the feeder and seeds on the ground, it is highly likely that nasty weather will happen today. It will be a good day to get any shopping out of the way early. I hope it doesn't get too bad as our good friend Mel is traveling here from Austin, TX. It isn't a short trip in good weather.

Barb finally broke down and bought a new printer. She found a $300 Epson printer on sale for $179.00. It is one step down from the Photo quality printer she wanted but at the sale price and $330 cheaper, she'll settle for the new printer. It did take her a couple of hours to figure out the software glitch but as soon as she re-loaded the software it worked. Somehow the printer driver for the Mac OSX didn't load right and with the re-load every thing is alright. It really makes me feel bad that I can't help her when the MAC doesn't work. I wanted to call our resident Geek Squad Guy (Dave) but he really isn't a MAC guy either. I am proud that Barb fixed it.

Because I don't really have any other gambling outlets, I buy Lottery Tickets. Yes, I read this past week that they found a winner dead in Florida last week. I read that a pair of con artists stole as much money as they could and killed the guy for his property. I might buy a few stupid things but if I was going to be killed, it would have been for a better reason than money. (and a long time before now) I wonder how many new storage buildings I would have to build if I could buy more stuff. Is it an endless task. Buy, build, Buy, build ad nauseum. Kind of like the House out there in California where the widow was told that she would die if she ever stopped building her house (The Winchester House?) It went on forever and now there is a crew there full time painting and rehabbing the house. Inside it was a warren of little rooms and staircases that went nowhere. When we were there a few years back, there had been an earthquake nearby and part of the house was closed. I think we were there for several hours and didn't see everything that was open.

I had better get moving as barb started the laundry. Too long in this chair and it becomes the laundry chair. he who sits here must be responsible for the laundry.


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  1. MUD, it looks like most of the snow has melted...but it could just be the angle of the photos.

    I! HATE! SQUIRRELS! I used to really enjoy watching them until they passed an ordinance here in town where you can't take a 12 gauge to them (legally).

    We haven't had a decent garden in years due to the worthless rodents!

    I've seen documentaries on the Winchester House. My son lived not too far from it when he was stationed in Monterey. I tried to talk him in to going to see it. But, he never did.

    That's a spooky joint for sure. I could be wrong, but I think there is a door that leads outside from the second story. When you open the door, there is nothing...no porch, stairway, nothing...just a 20-something foot drop to the ground. Like I say, I could be wrong. Storage buildings = good! Weird houses = not so good!