I find it ironic that we drove to Henryetta, OK en route to the Texas/KU game on Monday night and could not get the KU/Nebraska on TV here. As per my usual sleep pattern, I did not sleep well here along the Interstate where there was a lot of traffic noise. The good news is that I will more than make up for it tonight. Barb is still under the covers and making up for it.

We stopped in Collinsville, OK to see my mother in the Nursing home. She was bright and alert and very aware of where she was. The problem is her strength need improving so she can get into and out of a chair. She finally started to make minor snide remarks about the Petty problems there at the nursing home so I know she is getting better.

Damn cell phones dial the number these fat fingers put in there. Can you imagine that? I tried to call my brother but had a 0 not a 9 for the last digit. Finally got it straightened out and we had a nice visit. He is a little better but his back is giving him a lot of trouble. I think my back is beyond bending much anymore so it doesn't hurt unless I really abuse it.

I have a FACEBOOK account and read that a bunch of people are joining a lot of different accounts. One I went to was nothing but people signing up in droves and I didn't read anything that would make me want to go there. There is an account for Andi that I joined because she is a relative but I have spent the last 20 years trying to forget some of the crap my dad said and anyone that knows me will attest to the fact that I am no fan of BS and insist on calling it out every chance I get.

Oh well, better cut this off and wake up Barb. Miles to go today.


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  1. "no fan of BS" ???? You? I never woulda thunk it, MUD. Glad your Momma's doing good. Have a good day.