What Do You Want?


If you are a big Basketball fan, you would want every game to be a hard fought battle where right up to the end of the game the lead changed hands until the best team won. You would want a game full of emotion, great defense and the fans filling the seats until the game ends. The outcome should not be the deciding factor of your loyalty. You cheer for the teams and the coaches and know that a guy like Mark Turgeon will still be the guy from Topeka who played as hard as he now coaches. If that was your desire, you got your money's worth with KU at Texas A&M. I cheered, shouted, got mad, sad and happy in that battle and got my money's worth. In the end, KU walked out of that arena after winning against a great team. 16 teams have gone into the A&M arena and walked out with a loss.

Last night during the game, they profiled Mark Turgeon and Danny Manning. Two great players and great coaches. Mark will continue to grow as a coach and will have a winning team in a league where winning is tough. ESPN showed Mark delivering Pizza's to the kids standing in line overnight to get into the stands. The kid from Topeka is such a winner. At halftime Mark was asked about the referees. Instead of ranting, he said all he wants is for the game to be called fair. Danny, from what I hear is staying where he is in Lawrence to let his kids complete High School and when he moves, will move up fast in the coaching ranks. No matter what else happens, they are two great guys that could come to KU and be loved as the coach, when KU comes to its senses and moves Bill Self up to Athletic Director.

Three previous games have been covered by former Coach Bobby Knight. In those three games he was fair and complemented both teams. He added color to the game and insight where a guy like Brent Musberger clearly should be calling ballroom dancing or figure skating. Last night, he was very pro A&M and against KU. Several times he declared that A&M would win because of their play. Only a man blinded by favoritism could overlook the fact that the lead changed hands faster than a quarter in a candy store and the end was in doubt right up to the last three minutes. The only thing I can say is that at least we didn't have to listen to Dick Vitale shout "OH Baby" and talk about anything but the game. Someone on the staff at ESPN should remind the Coach that he needs to not call the end of the game until the end of the game.

Sunny and cold here today. There is a pretty cold wind blowing and it will be a good day to be indoors. I think I'll go over to the Valley Brook house and paint. After that, I need to start cleaning the rugs in the bedrooms and the "almost Great Room" A few hard days and I'll be ready for it to go on the market.

The other day, we got a notice from the County that our properties was found to be in the flood plain and we needed to get Federal Flood Insurance. At least Barb narrowed the fact down that it was two notices about the property here at Rabbit Run. We need to take the original Flood Plain map down and argue with them from their own records. Did they lie then or now?

Have a great day out there.


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  1. Hey MUD, I once lived in a flood plain, and I did have to buy Federal Flood Insurance.

    But, I only had to because I had a mortgage, and the mortgage holder required me to.

    I still live in a flood plain, but because I own my place outright, I don't have to buy it. I don't, because where I live...if I get flooded, the entire cities of Shreveport and Bossier will be under water...it'll be one of them Noah deals.