Do we need a new CSA?

Who filled my diaper with Congressmen?

This morning our local paper covered the Kansas Legislature's attempt to put the Federal Government on notice that they are concerned about the usurping of the States Rights by the Federal Government. Barb, Poo-pooed the notion that it would have any effect in the long run and was a waste of time. I think that all the States need to send that message to congress and the President and put them on notice that under our Constitution those items not specified as the Federal Government's responsibility are the purview of the State or local Governing bodies.
Seems like we were about in the same place in the 1850's and 1860's. When the Federal Government tried to dictate that Kansas or Nebraska would come into the Union as on each slave and one free State many felt that it was the point where there was just too much power utilized by the Federal Government. Is it approaching the time where we have a new CSA? That would be the Conservative States of America. I think it would be fair if we let the original 13 colonies, California and Oregon go on their way and sink their ship with debt and more Government from Washington than they can afford. Lets see, Utah looks like it is a little to the left of center for me but they are a pretty conservative place and that might make a good Federal Capital for the Conservative States of America.

In this dream (Fantasy as Barb puts it) there would be absolutely no laws mentioning the sex, race or color of the citizens. Every man would have the right to live, work, pay taxes or starve should he chose to do so. If it would take a buy out to get our release, I would throw in my share tomorrow. Failing to find a way to make this work, I think the voters of the United States need to be more aware that the Federal Government is by its actions eroding the powers of the States and in fact harming the people.

Our system allows idiots like me to write this crap as a part of free speech. In fact, there is no limit on 'Stupid Speech" as it concerns the current law. There are limits, such as not shouting Fire when there is no fire. I think that now is the time that all States need to shout "Poor" to the Congress of the United States to tell them that we are feeling like they are approaching the limit of what is allowed.

Oh, by the way, Barb bought me one of those 40 inch Samsung LCD TV's and is it ever spectacular. I watched a little of a pro basketball game and you can really see the fouls. Hell, you can read all the stupid Tattoos covering the players bodies. I can hardly wait to see the hawks in more detail than I saw at Texas. In fact, I was so far up in the stands in Austin that I watched more of the game on the scoreboard than I did on the floor. Barb said it was because the Texas fans stood up for most of the game. I guess they need a no standing section for the visitors.

Better run, miles to go and I am just a pedestrian of life.



  1. I know that it is the responsibility of every single person the country to send a FAX to their Congressweasels and Sh*tators and let them know that we will NOT conform to the stupidity they are pushing. And cut off the money funnel to them. Do NOT pay your withholding taxes if you are employed. Make them sweat and maybe they shall change their tune.

    Making over 150k a year for nothing, like our Congress does, should be enough to make them sit on their hands.

  2. MUD, I don't know if a CSA is a pipe dream, or not.

    I have a dream that after this Republic falls apart...and probably when I am dead and gone...my sons will be part of a "starting over." Not a Civil War...just picking up the pieces after the sheeple have all killed each other.

    Man...that's a happy thought to end the day on, huh?