Feb 11, 1968

2nd Lieutenant D.E. Petty convinced the cutest girl in Yermo, California to marry him in 1968. 42 years later she still shares his life and man has it ever been a ride. We have managed to wear out a bunch of cars traveling from the Heartland to destinations all directions of the compass. We both managed to graduate from a university and have a son, David. Recently we both retired from our careers and are spending time reading, restoring old houses and watching the animals eat and grow old.

We were married in the Chapel of the Bells, Las Vegas, NV. We honeymooned in Barstow, California until Dennis deployed to Vietnam about three weeks later. Somehow I convinced her to return to Kansas and she has spent a lot of time capturing the beauty of the People places and things. Barb taught Special Education and touched the lives of many fine young people. Dennis worked full time in the Kansas National Guard and has a lot of friends here in Topeka.

Gonna' go work on the Valley Brook house some today. Barb wants to list it on the market as soon as possible.



  1. Congratulations MUD & Barb! That's great...42 and counting! I hope y'all have a fabulous day. Every day is special, but anniversaries are my favorite.

  2. For a reference point, I was THREE years old when you guys got married. Funny how I am so much more crotchety than you could ever attempt to be.

    Happy anniversary, you two, and many, many more to y'all.

  3. We are almost halfway to where you are now. I love hearing about couples who have been married so long and are still just as much in love. Happy anniversary!

  4. Congratulations MUD, what a great story!!!!

  5. Look how beautiful you both are! Congratulations. :)

  6. No more pretty girls in Yermo, huh?
    I was 13 and 1/2 when this occured. I thought we were doing good at almost 27 years. Good on ya, my friend.