Roy, Dreaming of the good old days in Kansas

First of all, I had to call AAA to pull the ford out of the yard at Dave's house. I took out the ballast for snow driving and the Crown Vic turned into a "Hog on Ice". Some day I need to get me one of those electric winches so I can extract myself from stupid places.

Last evening, we went to the "Mad Greek" in Lawrence. No trip there does not include a trip to the bakery around the corner for Macaroons and a trip to "Dunkin Doughnuts" for doughnut holes. At the MG, I had leg of Lamb (Actually slices of lamb) on a bed of rice and the Greek green beans. It was an excellent meal and I told the kids about the "STAR" in Elko, NV. I love the lamb chops there. The STAR is a combination boarding house and restaurant there in Elko. The BASQUE sheep herders spend the winter months there in Elko and the rest of the year out with the sheep. The meals are served in the family style and if you go home hungry, it is your own damn fault. The meals are good but simple fares with sides of a salad, soup, beans, spaghetti and french fries. Makes me wish there was a good basque restaurant nearby. The guests that over winter there eat together and Barb has always wanted to sit with them for dinner. They all speak Spanish/French combination that is the Basque dialect so I doubt she would understand them but hey, sometimes I don't understand her.

I told the kids about the time my dad gave me some Tallow to soften up an old first baseman's mitt. Once treated with that stinky sheep grease, the other guys would not let me bring it into the dugout on hot days when we were at bat. On the way to Vietnam, I was on a boat (USNS Geiger) and they served mutton. I put a big old chunk of that meat in my mouth and all I could taste was that damned stinky ball glove. The more I chewed, the worst it tasted and the bigger the chunk got until I had to spit it out in my napkin. Mutton does not taste like lamb. Note to self, never order mutton. Not sure why, veal is good, Steak is better. lamb is good, Mutton is terrible. Oh well.

We are going to Tulsa tomorrow to see mother and then on to Stillwater on Saturday to see the hawks play the OK State Cowboys. Got to see them get beat by Texas last night. Not a really exciting game. Texas has more talent than KU but doesn't seem to have the ability to play like the all-star team they should be. Has anyone else besides me noticed that Roy William's Tar heels suck this year? No, I mean the really suck and may not make the NCAA Playoffs for the first time in many years. "Roy Who?"

Better run.


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