I can't even begin to tell you how pretty the snow is here today. The trees are covered with at least an inch of snow and we have a good three or four inches of white stuff on the ground. Every once in a while, a bird will sit on a branch and start an avalanche of snow from the top of a tree all the way down. The good news is that it is about 33 degrees and no wind.

This morning I made an attempt to get up before Mel went back to bed. She works on her computer from Midnight to 8 AM. She runs the reports for SBG and does it remotely. We had bacon, potatoes and eggs with some great toast. Mel brought some Strawberry, jalapeno jelly and it was great. Take a tart sweet and add a little hot. End with a great cup of coffee and it doesn't get much better.

I have been working on finding our 2008 taxes that were stored in Turbo Tax. I changed computers and backed up the files off the old one. Something about the backup being zipped and having to open the program to extract the data files. I finally resorted to unzipping the files on the old computer, downloading the file on a Data stick and opening the file on the new computer. Seems like a lot of work for almost nothing. Oh well. I am afraid to start my 2009 Taxes. At least Dave and Barb are getting a little back. Oh poor Dennis, he will have to pay more to the IRS. At least I have it to pay.

At one time we were going to leave for Texas tonight. With Mel here, there is no need to be in Austin too early. I want to show Barbara the sites and tastes of Austin. It is always fun to go into a new city and explore. At least one small period will be figuring out where to park for the game so we don't have to walk more than a mile. Hopefully it will be good weather there so it won't matter too much.
The other night I was on a raid on the 'frigerator. I found left over chicken from the fajitas and a bottle of wing sauce. I happen to be a guy that likes cold chicken so I decided to pour some wing sauce on the cold chicken. MMMMmmmmm Good. Barb said the smell made her tea taste funny but what the heck. This morning Mel told me that she put some of the beef strips and black beans over some lettuce and topped it off with sour cream and a little taco sauce. Another good leftover meal. Now I am looking for a way to use up about half a bowl of yellow rice. Perhaps all the snow will make this a good soup day. You can always add rice to a good soup.

Have a great day out there

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