Cold Dose of Winter!

For those lulled by the warmer days last week, we are having a cold dose of the reality of winter this morning. 14 degrees with a 20 MPH wind does that too a guy. At least I didn't fall down going out after the paper. As I look out the door to the south, the sun is trying to shine but a fine snow is falling and it is probably blowing in from somewhere way up north. It is still so cold that the birds aren't coming in like they normally do. One poor little wren is here.

Is anyone else suffering from a low degree of "Give a Shit" about the Olympics? I will admit that I loved the opening ceremony but the rest is about cold weather sports at a time when I have dreams of being some place warmer not standing out in the cold rainy weather cheering people doing things I really don't want to and never did do. It about matches the low intensity of the NBA All Star game in my opinion. I'm not sure if I would go to that game if someone gave me tickets. I actually listened to an argument about who was the Player of the Decade. They didn't give it to Lebron James because he wasn't a player the whole decade. Hell no, at the start of this decade he was in middle school. He skipped college and went right to the Pros and is one of the best players right now. What was he in 2000? 13 or 14? Who cares?

Yesterday my son and his wife came over to dinner. I made a Thai dish and a Beef Stroganoff dish. As usual, I made too much and we all ate too much. Barb made a wonderful chocolate dessert and we all had some of that. Dave works at Best Buy and when he arrived, he was carrying a Blue Ray DVD Player. Evidently they put the TV we bought on special and because it now included a player for the same price he got one. I played the Aviator, about Howard Hughes, and was it ever spectacular. Greatness coupled with insanity marked the life of what was once a man that took great big chances. At least twice he crashed planes that should have killed him. I guess the concept of test pilot was lost on a man with an ego bigger than his flying skills. At least they didn't show the pathetic way he lived out the end of his life.

Barb and I are going to have to do battle with the County. The house on Valley Brook and the one here on rabbit Run were found to be in the flood Plain of small streams. Neither have ever been under water in over 25 years and in the long run it just means we will have to purchase Flood Insurance but damn, why now? In fact, the water had been up several times and both houses were way above the water level. Crap, double crap.

Tonight will be a tough test of the hawks as they travel to A&M. Kinda tough trying to build up a lot of "Oh Poor Me" for them on the road as they have managed to get a three game lead on the rest of the BIG XII. Speaking of Basketball, there is a lot of talk in the paper about expanding the field for the NCAA Playoffs. I don't understand why if they can have a two team playoff for entry into the Championship series they have to limit it to two. Double the teams to 128 and have the first game at the home of the higher seeded team. I think it would give the fans one extra way to honor their team and the added revenue wouldn't hurt anybody.

have a warm day out there.


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  1. MUD, I have not watched the Olympics (Winter, nor Summer) in about 30 years. I lost my taste for it in my early 20's...not REALLY amateurs anymore.

    I liked it when a plumber, or a carpenter from some unknown town in some unknown country could get famous for a while. But now they're all already famous...and sponsored...and paid...it's just not the same as it was, in my humble opinion.

    Heck, it's cold down here, too. Not Kansas cold...but cold enough.

    Have a good evening, man.