People out there in the media world need to be reminded that Acronyms they write need to be explained the first time they use them. This morning in the sports page a miss Le Trang of the Washburn Tennis team was the MIAA POW. My mind wondered how a cute young thing like that could be Missing in Action and a Prisoner of War. It turns out that she is the Player of the Week in the MIAA conference. Dang, I hate it when that happens.



  1. MUD, in my local paper, they will add last names into the middle of the story when the full names have never been referenced at all in the story before. They are imbeciles.

    Example: Blah, blah blah, with ten full names mentioned. Then at the end, they throw in a reference to a person, last name only and no affiliation at all, that is not mentioned at all in the rest of the story. You go, "Who the Hell is this Smith guy they are talking about?"

  2. I was kinda surprised the other day when I learned that POS was an acronym for "Point of Sale."

    I was way off!!!!

  3. I was surprised to find out that "WTF" wasn't actually week days on the calendar.