I think We Have a Deal

I think we have a buyer for the Valley Brook house. I am going to do my best to sort out the extra shovels, brooms, rakes and tools I have and make sure that the new owner will have most of the tools he will need to take care of it. Between all the people moving in and out of my rentals and a couple of estates, I have a plethora of things a new homeowner will need. 'Cides, we know the young man and think a lot of him.

This weekend is full of things to do and places to go. We are a little busy and sad here at Rabbit Run. The Step-Sister to my Daughter-in-Law will have an inurnment and a memorial service and we are on pins and needles about my mother. I know that life, births and deaths are all a part of living but dang I hate it when people die. Yes, we would be up to our armpits in people if no one did, but dang it doesn't seem easy.

In today's paper there is a small magazine and they have a main article about a man that has abandoned modern life to live in the woods. If he doesn't grow or hunt it, he doesn't use it. I wonder where he got the money to buy the 1000 acres of woods he lives on. The debt load for that alone must have made him work hard somewhere. It might be a good thing in his book but I would rather live in a little faster lane and be able to enjoy the life I have. I could go out in the freezer and get some shrimp, pre-cooked chicken wings (Hot style) and have a bowl of ice cream for dessert. For Barbara I would microwave some great vegies and make a small pot of tea. He can live off the grid if he wants to, but how could I watch my 42 in HD TV if I did?
I lived in a house as a kid with a small furnace in the living room and I damn sure would rather have my central heat and air.

Oh well, miles to go so I'd better get going.


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  1. Hey Congratulations on your house sale! I know that'll be a big load off your mind.

    Yeah, I'm kinda partial to electricity and The Walmart myself. Heck, I know HOW to live off the land. But, until it becomes necessary, I'm sticking with the 21st Century way.