Cool Nights and Warm Days

In my perfect world, this is what I wish for. In my real world I have to go out and fetch the paper in the morning and I would like it to be a little warmer. I don't know about the gardens, but the grass here is growing like the stuff it really is, weeds!

Last night, the majority of the family members that were in Oklahoma this weekend with Mom also got together for dinner in Lawrence. It was nice to share the updates and hear the love and laughter. It was kind of a problem for my son and his wife. Her family was all here over the weekend for the memorial for her step-sister. They solved it the best they could by splitting up and one going with each family. I guess that's a part of growing up when you have to try to decide which group to go with when all things else would declare it a tie. I for one would have loved to been in two places at one time and been with both groups.

Yesterday Barb got out one of the picture containers from the storage room and we looked through it for pictures of my mother. My Niece, Becky, in Oklahoma will make a memorial CD that we will get a chance to share at the service. It was really kind of fun to waste a couple of hours tripping through the life of my family. The particular container I was looking through is a combination of both sides of the family the Petty's and the lee's. A lot of what is in there are the things we all sent to our grandparents when notable things happened. Lots of children's pictures and graduation announcements.

Oh well, better get this rodeo on the road.


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  1. MUD, you wrote, "I for one would have loved to been in two places at one time and been with both groups."

    Man, I know what you're saying. It is part of growing up, for sure.

    Your entire clan continues to be remembered in our prayers. Please keep us updated.

    Love, Andy & Pam