For the Love of America

Let me say that I want you to get up off your ass and re-find what it is about America you love. Get over that "Oh poor America" crap and look around with your eyes wide open. Don't let Rush, Shean or anyone tell you that we are going to hell in a hand basket.... The rest of the world is in the same boat and there is time and room to fix what ails us.
First of all, we need to stop spending incredible amounts of money on things that don't produce real wealth in America. Barb would tell you that there is room for a lot more money to be spent on Education to achieve our goals. There is more to learn every day and it is rapidly getting more complex. There is a lot of talk about reading, writing and Arithmetic but I promise you we are way beyond that. For us old farts, ask a 13 year old to help you understand what the hell an app is on our new I-phone and just marvel at how much they know and how little we know. Our schools are the future.
If you don't just love where you are, get up and move. There are so many places that are beautiful here in America and there is no end of things to see and places to go. I was struck by the beauty of the rolling hills between Buffalo and Burlington on highway 75, here in Kansas. A couple of weeks ago it was brown and now the new green cover just made the trip back from Bartlesville a joy to the eye. You should see the parks here in Topeka after 800 church people spent their day picking up the branches and stuff.
The other day, I saw the Patriot Guard standing by the flags in front of a Catholic Church for a Military Funeral. If you couldn't be proud of that, you need to go home and stay home.
The only thing negative I have to say today is that another motorcycle rider was killed over the weekend because a sloppy motorist made a stupid mistake. Wake up people, those guys are probably more like you than you would ever know. They aren't a gang, or a group of people that want to fight, they want to ride their bikes in a way that lets everyone get home at the end of the day.
I am proud to say that I Love America and will continue to be amazed daily at the joy of living here.


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  1. Hey MUD! I love America, too. I love the "people" here. I love the fact that 800 church people will go out and pick up junk in a park...even though their tax dollars probably should have paid somebody to do it, and it didn't get done...they did it themselves.

    And, I truly love the fact that a Patriot Guard will come and honor the death of a fellow patriot. That's what we are.

    But, our country is not the one we grew up in. Too many are just riding our gravy train. Too many do not EVER plan to pick up their own trash, or pay for their own food, or their own apartment, or their own mortgage, or their own health care, or their own Depends undergarments, or their 17 prescriptions that some Doctor has convinced them will allow them to live a few days longer.

    We have thrown your dollars (and those of the people that you and I both respect and care for) down a rat hole. It's gotta stop.

    As to education...you wrote, "Our schools are our future." Jeepers, MUD...thanks a million! When I look at our schools (broadly), that paints a pretty bleak picture of the future. Rapes, high drop-out rates, terrible achievement for those that don't drop out, kids that have no idea of what a "work ethic" is...I'm gonna stop there.

    MUD, we have never spent more money on education than we do now. And, we have never had worse results. I'm sure someone like Barb could tell us "how" to spend it wisely, and help our youngsters become truly educated.

    I don't really know squat about the ins and outs of education. But, I know that I had some of the most fabulous teachers in the history of the US...and I've had many in my family (some living, and some gone on to Heaven) that just "TAUGHT! DEMANDED! and DISCIPLINED!"

    As long as we've got lefties running Education Colleges, State Legislatures (and lefty judges) handcuffing school boards, and the Feds throwing money at failure, it's just going to get worse and worse, no matter how many more billions we throw at it.

    Right now (and certainly there are some exceptions), it's a sink-hole. And, the really good teachers are so frustrated that there are not likely to be many really good teachers soon.

    Just my two cents.

    Dang! I'm sorry to hear about another biker getting killed. I'll swear, every time Phillip heads out on his deathmobile, I barely breathe until I hear it rumble back in the driveway next door.