Turkey's 'n Such

This morning as I went out to fetch the paper the turkeys down in the holler were making their morning noise. It sounded like two groups of hens sounding off to let the others know where they were. It was more the gobble, gobble, gobble sound. There was little wind this morning after several days of high winds. These cool still mornings brought all the bird sounds to me.

The Capitol Journal Online (CJonline.com) covered COL Jim Trafton's life in an excellent manner. He managed to do more in his 58 years than most guys would do in a lifetime. As the holder of two Combat Infantryman's badges, he is a rarity for the Guard. If you knew Jim you would know that he would just smile. But with that said, don't mess with his, family, his motorcycle or his flag.

In my perfect world, everyone would wear seat belts, helmets when on a motorcycle and no kids would get on 4 wheelers. All I ask is for you to be careful out there, I don't need any more sadness this week.



  1. MUD, after I read your piece about Co. Trafton, I looked up some articles online.

    Sounds like a wonderful man. I know that you all will miss him. I'm with you on seat belts & helmets. But I'll tell ya', those motorcycles just scare me. #3 son rides one, and he rarely pulls out of here without his Daddy shuddering.

    Oh well. I guess we can't afraid of life. Have a good one, man.

  2. Like most old men, I don't fear death, I just don't look forward to it happening real soon. I would bet you a dollar to a dozen doughnuts that Jim was wearing a helmet. It is the other guys I worry about.
    I know what you mean about the worry of your son. Parents should die before their children not the other way around. All you can do is tell him that you love him and encourage him to wear a helmet.