Butler and Duke

If there is a bracket out there that has Butler and Duke, they will certainly win the office pools. I did have Duke coming out of their side of the bracket but Butler? Yes, KU and K-State were on the bracket I picked. Heck, I was 100% wrong yesterday.

Rick called this morning and said that Mom's congestive heart Failure was the cause of the fluid build up. I guess the heart and lungs work together and when one isn't working well, the other just doesn't work well either. The dose her real good with Lasix and after several good trips to the bathroom she will breathe a lot easier. She is resting at the Hospital right now but will probably be back to the nursing home soon.

Oh, Happy Easter. The big Bunny failed to put out the baskets this morning and we'll just have to wait until the kids come over later to get our chocolate fix. Da barb's went shopping yesterday and bought stuff for Austen, Kyler and their brothers and sisters. ( I'm not sure how many or what sex they are. I've put meeting them on my list but it hasn't happened yet)

Better run.


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