Takin' a Day Off

Let me start here with the comment I expect Barb to say, "And who made you work so hard yesterday?" Yep, 'twas me and I self imposed that time line. The problem is that with retirement comes the responsibility for my actions. It was at one time easy to say that I had so much to do at work that I had only a few days to get projects done. Now, I have only myself to blame and no one else.

The Daughter-in-law loves long hot showers and the 30 gallon tank was not up to the task. I think it was set fairly low and it precluded much over a 15 minute shower. Yes, all you military types wonder how she could spend that long doing what takes us about three minutes but she always smells good and that's more than I can say about us. My wife says it also has something to do with longer hair and our buzz cuts are just done in a minute.

Tomorrow is some kind of a green day at the Library and Barb is going over to show the kids how to grow a tomato plant. She also has a mini-garden planted in a bag of potting soil that rolls around in a wagon. Going to rain hard, frost? roll that sucker right in next to MUD's computer. Cute idea.

Last night I ran into an old friend from work. I mentioned that I am on facebook and had traveled to KC to attend COL Trafton's funeral. He said he was one of the Patriot Guard that stood by the flags and then escorted him to the Military Cemetery in Leavenworth. I thanked him for the fine job they all did. I said it was kind of an interesting funeral in that the military flag was folded inside the church by a couple Military types and then handed to the Patriot Guard member to hold until after the ceremony and then reapplied on the casket before it was moved. Last night , Barb handed me the little hand out from the funeral and asked what the line I added was. Here is the quote. My added line is in red following the original:

Life is not a journey to the grave
with intentions of arriving safely
in one pretty and well preserved piece.
The intention should be
to skid in broadside,
thoroughly used up, worn out.
And defiantly shouting
"Wow what a ride!"
And be there before the Devil Knows!
Another old fart on a bike got hurt yesterday. A driver on her damned cell phone pulled right out in front of him and he is in critical condition and will probably lose a leg if he lives. Damn, I was thinking about motorizing my life and getting out into the wind and traveling. Not so much now.
Be safe out there and remember that when you see one light coming down the road it is probably just another old fart like me reliving his younger days. Try to let him finish that dream. PAY ATTENTION!

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  1. Yeah MUD, I worry about my biker son every day. He rode his Harley yesterday to Hot Springs (it's his Army Reserve weekend). Man, was I ever glad to get the "made it here" text.

    "...she always smells good and that's more than I can say about us." That made me guffaw!