Got 'er Done

I managed to work my way through the list and finished the day on time.

I was really pleased to meet Kyler and Austen's dad. I told him that those two boys are a tribute to fatherhood. In all the times I have been with them they have never said a negative word about Wyatt and his wife. In fact, it was very touching that both boys went to their Step-mother for a hug when they needed one during the inurnment service.

Our 'nother daughter Melissa is here from Austin and staying in our spare bedroom. I really do enjoy talking to her as she has some pretty adult attitudes without being over driven. It is kind of nice to see the fresh attitude of youth mixed with the complex problems of the day. In spite of the problems of the day she seems to be searching for solutions rather than ranting about the problems.

Gotta run. (or walk fast)


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