Edgar Alan Blinn

Easter Sunday, April 2, 1972


  1. Is that kid wearing lederhosen?

  2. He's a cute little guy. Is there a story behind this that inquiring minds need to know?

    Looks like he must have been born in '70, or '71.

  3. This is the son of my best friend. I found this picture when going through a bunch of photos looking for some of my Mom. His dad had spent a tour in germany so those well could be lederhosen. He was born in September 1970 I think.

  4. Hey MUD, thanks for the info.

    Cute little tyke! I'm sure he's probably an average-looking 40 year-old now...

    Heading toward being a less than attractive 50-year-old like me...

  5. Wow - he must have grown up to be quite the dashing fellow...

    Thanks for sharing.


    Ed Blinn

  6. I don't know at what speed you move nowadays, but you were very fast as a child. I wish we could have been a little closer to you and your Dad, but are now sharing with you your life as a Dad. You will look around one of these days and say what happened to those last 20 years. MUD

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