Started today by making a run to the Hazardous Waste disposal site. It is clear across the county and I took almost a pickup load of crap I didn't even want to know what it was. I have cleaned two houses up this year and collected cleaning supplies from both. There was also a bunch of oil containers with used motor oil from about everything I own. There are still about 20 partially empty paint cans of every color and kind. I'll do that probably next month.

Today was a work in the yard day and I mulched the garden and then tilled the mulch in. That took about an hour longer to do because I had to take the snow blade and the tire chains off before putting on the tiller. Getting one of the bolts out of the tiller when I got done turned into a hour long project because the bolt was too long. It went in OK but getting it our was a major pain. To top all that off, I just flat wore out near the end of that project and I am beat. There was once a time i could work all day and now four hours is about the limit. Oh well, the good news is that I don't have many jobs that take more than four hours.

I have it timed down so I can get cleaned up about the time the final four games start. I think that Michigan State and Duke will win today and then because Rick hates Duke, I will pick Michigan State on Monday.


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  1. Guess you're gonna have to pick Butler...

    Amazing run, huh?