Funerals 'n Such

When I woke up this morning, I was undecided if I was going to Kansas City for the Funeral of Col Jim Trafton. I am very glad that I decided to go and share that experience. Typical Military group in that everyone was way early. They had a nice slide show that showed Jim in all facets of his life. He was a husband, a father, a grandfather, a motorcycle rider and a soldier. All these things were shared with us and the pageantry of the funeral was so well done.

When we entered the church, his family was in a receiving line and greeted us all. The coffin was left closed but was flag draped at the front of the church. Just before the service was started, the honor guard folded that flag up and gave it to the leader of the motorcycle honor guard. The casket was covered with a cloth from the church. I could not see what was on the cloth but I assume it was the catholic church symbol.

The service was very well done and the soloist was spectacular. There was a eulogy by our friend Cliff Silsby and I think he nailed Jim to a "T". I think that it is always good when there is sad moments and laughter when a loved friend is talked about. At the conclusion of the formal ceremony by the priest, the church cloth was folded up and the coffin was again flag draped. They were taking it to the Government cemetery in Leavenworth. The new cemetery south near Lansing is beautiful. I did not go to the interment.

This kind of makes me think about what it is I want for my service. First of all, it will be in the hands of Barb and we have discussed it many times. In the past, I have said that I want to be cremated after a wake. I want to attend the wake and sit there with a pipe in one hand and a glass of scotch in the other. Other than I don't want to be naked, I don't really care what I am wearing. My old clothes with paint on them is probably what I want people to remember the most. I want the wake to be held in the Armory and for there to be a case of booze and a couple kegs of beer. I would have Grover's bring in BBQ but it will be served on paper plates. There would be a contest to see who can tell the funniest story with bonus points if you can work my name in. and quad bonus points if it is true. I would like to have it done in the evening and casual attire would be the uniform of the day. The only song I want played would be amazing grace by the Black Watch and the Army song with the real words used.

After that, Barb can find an appropriate place to sprinkle my ashes.

For some reason I am not sad now. I think a great funeral with good friends present and a good BBQ sandwich at Arthur Bryant's just hit the spot.



  1. It is always good to talk to your family about your wishes when it comes to your funeral.
    I think a good wake is important too... lots of friends and family having a good time and remembering the good times with the person who has died.

  2. MUD, thank you for taking the time to tell us about Col. Trafton's funeral. I have been a bit sad myself since reading of his passing, even though I did not know him.

    Sounds like a fitting send-off. May he rest in peace.

    Now, as to your wake...I will likely not be able to attend. So, please ask Barb to take pictures, and post them on your blog.

    Ya' know...share the love.

    I am a body donor. When my worthless carcass breathes its' last, I will be transported to LSU Medical Center, and become some student's cadaver. They can have a wake if they want to...probably a good idea. Let everybody get together and renew old acquaintances, etc.

    I understand that when LSU finishes up with you they'll cremate you and return the remains. Or, you can just decline, and they will dispose of ol' Andy. I think that's what I want...but it will be up to Pam & the boys.

    Thanks again MUD. God bless!

  3. Well written my friend. It has come to mean more now since the bout with the cancer last year.
    Me? The cremains that are left after the kids get a little urn will be scattered upon the waves. It is where I should rest.