Love and Hate

Today's paper has an article about Fred Phelps son coming to Topeka to talk about his father. He says he grows tired of the word hate because it doesn't really describe his father. He describes Fred with the word intense about his feelings and many see it as hate. I listened to Fred on the radio one day and I would say that misguided as I think he is, he thinks it is his mission as a christian to tell other people what it is that God wants them to do to allow them to go to heaven. He said that his failure to do so would jeopardise his own salvation. I do not subscribe to the message I just portrayed above. I think it is just another way to show emotion and that is naked hatred in its worse form.

However, I also feel that no matter how hurtful the message is, he is within his right to say what he feels. He is already a disbarred lawyer so it is clear that he has both the training in telling lies and has been caught in one. Many people want to know what the people here in Topeka are going to do against the Westborough Baptist Church. In short, they will sue the socks off anyone that tries to stop their message. They have made many dollars doing just that so the leaders here in Topeka know better than to poke that bear with a stick. You are welcome to do so if you desire, just be aware that that activity is precisely what Fred does.

For me, I will just ignore the signs and protesters. I would not provide fuel or moisture to Fred even if he was burning on the other side of the street.


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  1. I'm just like you on this one, MUD. Ignoring them is exactly what they DON'T want.