Livin' In Topeka

I have lived in Kansas most of my life. There was a period in the 60's that I was away in the Army but the other 58 years have been spent right here in Kansas. For about half of those years, I was in a different city other than near the Capitol. I truthfully can say that I wasn't even remotely aware of the goings on under the dome. I was aware that Kansas has a long history of Republican control in the House and Senate and a few Democrats have held the governor's seat. What I didn't see from out of the city was the real work they do and how they do it.

When there are good times, lots of jobs, planes being built, wheat being harvested and oil money flowing in, the job is how best to spend the great piles of money. Heck, a couple of years ago, the schools got together and filed suit to make the Legislature spend more on them. As Stan used to say to Ollie, "Another fine kettle of fish you have managed to get us into." We now like most states have unfunded mandates coming down from the Feds and have our own unfunded needs here at home. Paying a shit pot full of money with half a pot full will be more work than fun.

Now isn't one of the times for the faint hearted to run for office. There are tough times to be had for the next couple of years and the Government is on "Beans and Rice." Mom tells the story about how during the depression they ate a lot of beans and 'taters. One night they were having dinner on the back porch and they heard the next door neighbor shout, "Beans and 'taters, 'Taters and beans. Seems like all we ever have is beans and 'taters." I happen to love beans and this morning I made potato pancakes out of the left over garlic mashed potatoes left over from lunch yesterday. Problem is, how do I manage to share all my beans with the people that really need to eat? Yes, I manage to put ham in my beans and had enough ham to have a slice or two with my breakfast. OK, I'll admit it that I am not poor for now.

My real fear is that the congress is so split that they think their petty political problems are more important than what we are facing. Wouldn't it be refreshing to hear from the leadership to say that they are going to stop passing new stuff until they figure out how to pay for what we need not what the lobbies want. There was an article about Lynn Jenkins and a visitor to her office asked for Federal Government support for a sewer system in their home town. What the hell, don't those people pay attention. Washington has enough shit to pay for with out a system to remove it locally.

I guess you can tell I am a little shell shocked as I prepare to write a check for my taxes. I guess I thought I could get away with paying less taxes once I hit retirement. Ain't so McGee.



  1. MUD, you wrote, "Wouldn't it be refreshing to hear from the leadership to say that they are going to stop passing new stuff until they figure out how to pay for what we need not what the lobbies want."

    Yes, my friend, it surely would be. Kansas (as you know) is not alone in the pauper State category right now. We're facing over a $one billion budget deficit in puny Louisiana. California is looking at multiple billions. And the beat goes on all across the land.

    We just can not continue to expect funding for everybody's pet pony. It's gonna take some hard-nosed ba****ds to take office, and tell everybody to do with less...or not at all.

    Heck, half the junk that is funded by tax dollars is either not necessary, not really a responsibility of the government, or is an unfunded mandate from the morons in DC.

    Something's brewing, MUD. People are not going to stand for this for much longer. And, I'm not just talking about at the ballot box. People are FED UP!

    Side note: My wife's Momma, Aunts, and Uncles all grew up in Oklahoma in the 30s/40s on a farm near Wetumka. Uncle Grant will not eat a bean to save his life. He's old, and almost gone now...but I've heard him say a hundred times, "We ate dry beans every day for 7 years...breakfast, lunch, and dinner when I was a kid. We finally got where we could afford some pork to add to 'em. It tasted so good, I swore I'd just stick with the hog meat."

    Seriously...those old memories live a long time for those old Okies. When he comes down to visit, his little sister (my mother in law who was much younger than the older kids) is always careful to NEVER put a bean of any kind on the table.

    I guess she's tired of hearing the story, too...

  2. I am with you on the taxes, but I will figure out a way to cash flow it, that is just my mindset now. As for the rest... I truly am afraid for our country. There has to be a way to fix things but the only thing I can come up with is quit spending money we don't have, maybe I am nieve but to me it is just common sense.