What Do You think?

If almost half of the people out there pay no taxes, do you think they care what the tax rate is?
If a good share of the people out there don't vote, do you think they care who the candidate is?
If a lot of the young people out there have turned off reading the paper or watching the news, do you think they care what's reported?
If the unemployment keeps getting extended, do you think it will cause people to stop looking for work?
If Toyota gets fined 16 million dollars will they report things earlier next time?
I quit smoking when cigarettes got to about 75 cents a pack. At what cost will everyone stop?
I wonder how much a gallon gas will go to before I start riding my bicycle every where?
I have a brother in law that said his COBRA for medical insurance would cost him almost $1,000 a month if he retired early. Will the new medical insurance change the rate?
If all you read is how bad a day everyone is having on face Book, will your day get better?
How soon will we be reduced to 15 words about how we feel and not exchange any information?
How soon will film cameras go away entirely?
When will land line telephones go away?
What do you think?
If the Government can step in and make my GM stock valueless, what chance do you think I'll buy more stock in anything?
At what point will the national debt exceed the amount anyone can pay off?



  1. GM said they could turn a profit in the 4th Quarter.
    I looked at the GM stock price to see if it might be a good investment right now. It is priced at .75 cents. Anyone could buy a few thousand and ride it up, BUT, it can't be traded at this time. There is a government hold on it.

  2. I have 14 shares of GM and 7 of Delphi that are worth about 1% of what I paid for it. Would I ever buy more stock with the Government re-writing the rules? Not lately.
    All the years I studied at KU they talked about how stock was never worthless because there was a value to the assets of the Company. Tell that to the Car Czar and the POTUS. MUD