Monday Mornings

Mondays are just another day when you are an old retired fart. You don't have to rest up by going back to work and the sunshine looks pretty much like it did yesterday. I will say that things here have popped out green and I think the pollen count is well on to 5,000 PPM which is about 4,800 more than enough to set off most allergic reactions. This morning the wind is almost still and while it is still moist outside, the pollen is down near the ground. Like they say about the weather in Kansas, If you don't like it wait a few minutes.

We had the kids over for grilling yesterday and I need to figure out a way to better control the temperature with the Webber. I used too much charcoal and hickory and things got to hot too early. I need to have it cooler longer so by the time the chicken is done it is not as dry. It is always nice to see Dave and Barb Jr. I think Dave has decided that he really does need to go back to school. He didn't get a promotion at Best Buy and I think the light came on that all they want is another part time guy not someone that is full time and has responsibility. (and no degree)

Oh well, better go find something to stay involved.


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