Never trust an Old Nose!

Thursday, I installed a new Hot Water heater in Dave's house. Yesterday, Dave complained about a very slight gas smell. I blamed it on the new burning off the water heater and two cats. Last night Dave called about 10 PM and said he really smelled the gas smell when he returned from work. I asked barb to find a spray bottle and put in some water and liquid soap. I sprayed down all the gas fittings and sure enough bubbles appeared on the lower fitting. So the moral of this story is to never trust any nose over 40. Get a spray bottle and spray or have the gas company test it it it is a major line. Another life lesson for my book.

Yesterday, I escaped Topeka with Barb and we made a run over to KC through Lawrence. We went to one of our favorite burger joints and it is no longer in business. My niece, Carrie, took us to "Backyard Burger" when we were on a trip to Kansas City. We found one in south Lawrence and it became our favorite. They managed to commercially duplicate the taste of grilling into a great selection that included cobbler and many side fixin's. With that establishment no more, we drove down the street to a new business called "5 Guys". It is a no frills burger joint with the kind of hamburger us older guys love to eat. They have a list of things to put on the burgers that has 9 or 10 things at no added cost, including Jalapenos. They put your order in a sack and spill as many fries into the sack as they put in a cup. Honestly, Barb and I couldn't finish all the fries. Most people take the sack to their table and tear it open and eat from the pile. They even had small containers of peanuts to munch on. It wasn't real cheap, but I think it will attract a lot of repeat customers with the high quality and great portions. I might have been able to finish the fries but Barb saved me from myself after I ate what would have been a large order at most places.

We replaced our counter chairs at Nebraska Furniture Mart and they are a pretty good replacement. I would have gotten the chairs without the arms had I to do it all over again. The really great thing was that I got to buy Barb her Mother's Day present early. I'll let her tell you about it by showing what she can do with it. I expect it will be a great present for her and she will get a lot of use out of it.

Lots to do today and miles to go. Write if you get work. My thought for the day is one I stole from another Face Book friend: Dear God, this past year, you took my favorite actor Patric Swazy, and my favorite Actress Farah Faucett. Please be nice to my favorite President Barack Obama. Your friend Dennis...

I read this morning that 10% of all accident fatalities in Kansas are motorcycle riders and their passengers. Please try to look and be careful.. Most of them are just old farts like me enjoying their thoughts of youth. Put down that damned cell phone....


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  1. If God takes him, do you really want Him to be nice?