Early Birds See Early Birds

Another item to cross my Bucket List. This morning we had to be in Manhattan, Kansas at 6 AM to go out on the Konza Prairie to view the Prairie Chickens as they display. As the sun first came up, the males arrived and began to strut around, inflate their booming sacks and stomp their feet. Up and down a road in along the edge of a pasture anywhere from 4 to 5 males lined up about 20 yards apart and displayed to attract a female. We watched as each male seemed to warm up and spend 5 to 10 minutes doing the display. Finally about 7:30 a lone female showed up and checked them out. During that time the nearest male went into overdrive and displayed non-stop until the female finally left.

Barb read about the Prairie Chicken viewing in the latest Kansas magazine we paid about $30.00 to be taken out and put into the shelter there by a prairie chicken "LEK". I'm pretty sure that you can read about it on the KONZA prairie site. The person that took us out had a great NIKON viewer and you could count the feathers on the birds if you wanted. The wind was out of the right direction and the song and booms were loud enough to hear. It was also good that the birds couldn't hear us.

By about 8:25 it was all over and we are now back home. Can you spell nap?


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