Update Number two

I am sure that this is the kind of memory Mom will want us all to have of her. Not a sad tear laden memory, but the vibrant woman that she is in our hearts. I gave her a kiss from all of you as I left there about noon today. The Hospice aide was there and going to give her a bath. She said she didn't want one but I'll bet she will feel better if she does.

I just don't know how to read when her life will end. I know that no matter what happens to her physical body, she will be somewhere reading the morning paper and eating those caramel sticky buns with Wilbur and Ruth Schawo. Carol assured me that dad will be there because of his good heart. Mom said that she will lead the prayers and the dish washer will take care of the plates.
I told her that Amy said that the Old Rugged Cross was one of Mom's favorites and mom agreed. In fact almost all the old church songs are on her list except amazing grace played on the bagpipes. Right after that, Mom looked at me ans asked "Who's in the kitchen with Dinah?" I sang as much of that song as I could remember and danged if that's not the question, Who the heck is in the kitchen with Dinah? I told Mom it must be Burt Reynolds and she smiled. Dinah Shore was one of her favorites and that rascal Burt sure liked that lady.
I told Amy in a comment that Mom will always be with us when we need her. I will think of her every time I eat a piece of pie, hear laughter and singing. I told her that in the sweet bye and bye, she will hear, "Kid, get me a Beer while you are up" from her mother. She smiled again at that thought. Excuse me while I go somewhere and cry for a while.


  1. Great post, I can't make it down there until this weekend which I know may be too late, I did hear her say Hi Sugar and have so many wonderful memories of my Grandma that I know I will smile everytime I think of her.

  2. There are so many great stories. I think we all have stories of wearing her jewelry, and I specifically remember be scared to death while riding in the car with her;) I love her so much and want to be there with her so badly right now. I see her stubborness and humor in my son and I will do my best to tell him all about her. I hate that he won't get to know her first hand like we did. We are all so blessed to have had so many great moments with her.