Yesterday I bailed my bike out of the shop and paid right about $100.00 to get it ready for the new season. Today there is rain and high winds here so no bike rides today. I had a hitch in the pedal that felt funny and the guy replaced the ball bearings with a "cartridge" and man is that ever smooth. He also adjusted the gears and brakes. I did get to take it on a test ride and it is easy to forget how well Ken engineered that bike. I can't wait to take it out on the trail and ride with the winds.

Does anyone else get hassled by their Cell Phone Company? I have had an AT&T land line phone for most of my adult life and they call about the damn cell phone bill when it gets just a few days past their imaginary due date. I will pay the damn bill on the 1st and the 15th. If they send it on the 11th, the snail mail doesn't always get it here by the 15th. They will get it when they get it. I don't pay my bills by electronic means and they can just wait. Barb is kind of pissed at them anyway so they had better quit calling her. It is a damned I-Phone and right now the only carrier I can get is AT&T. Can't wait until someone else carries the service.

The news media talked this Morning about all the new jobs last month. What they failed to mention is the number it takes just to employ the newest people to join the job force is a larger number. Real world - People are saving money and paying off debt as fast as they can. This means that fewer dollars are being spent so there are fewer jobs. If people were to run out there and spend, the number of jobs might increase a little but then the amount of debt would expand and that's what started this whole mess. Besides, in spite of all the problems they have, people are buying Toyotas like they were home baked bread. Do we really care what happens to Japan and China's jobs? Kind of like watching the BBC channel, lots of stuff, hard to understand and when it is all over who cares?

The convicted Killer of Dr Tiller was sentenced to a hard 50 yesterday. He was allowed to have his last say and said the world is a safer place with Dr Tiller no longer performing abortions. I hope that idiot takes a lot of time for the next 50 years to think about murder making the world a safer place. It does make me wish we were a little more like Texas and have an express lane for people that do really stupid things and kill people. I personally wish that no one had abortions but as long as it is legal, someone has to perform the procedure. To kill a man in the foyer of his church on Sunday morning just rushed him to the front of the line for me. My mad dog law would have kicked in and the police should have just shot him rather than bring him in for the trial and incarceration

This evening Barb and I will go on the Art Walk here in Topeka. One of my cousin's daughters has a showing and I am excited to see her work. Her Uncle is also an artist and I love his work. More tomorrow on that.

Oh well, better get on with things. I think we did get a little caught up after a short night the night before.


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