5th of July

Somewhere about 9 PM last evening it stopped raining and WWIII broke out. I mean there were some people shooting of artillery simulators that were loud. Right about 10 PM, there was a continuous barrage that went on and on. I wonder just how much it cost the US to celebrate our independence with Chinese fireworks bought with Chinese money?

Other than the late night battle, It has been a quiet weekend with about an inch and a half of rain so far. The clouds are stacked up all the way to Oklahoma and headed this way. It is a soggy doggie out there. With all the moisture, I didn't get to mow the path around the edge of our property. Barb complained about the tall weeds blocking the path down by the well. All I can do is tell her to wait until it is dry enough to get the mower down there. Way too much water and mud right now.

Our 'nother daughter Met is here and about 10 AM we will all get together for brunch. There is no shortage of food. I'm sure that everyone will have enough to eat and then some. Big Dog will sit down by the dog pen fence and bark to get in on the food. Two evenings in a row he has made out like a bandit. We'll see if breakfast has any leftovers. I swear he makes a face when I bring him dog food to eat. He'll look in the bowl like, "Is that it?". He is such a hog dog that he eats it anyway.

Better slowly walk upstairs and see if I can figure out brunch.


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