Are You Listening?

Yesterday on the radio I heard an advertisement by The DNC that said that not since the Clinton Administration have we held the national Debt in check. Did we want to re-elect the nasty Republicans that added to the debt for 8 years under Bush?

Are you listening America? There was a very short period that Bill Clonton almost balanced the budget in 1999 and in 2000. In spite of the balanced budget, he didn't eliminate one dollar of the debt. In 1993 when he took over the Debt was 4,351 Trillion and when he left it was 5.769 trillion. Today it is projected to be 15.744 as the OMB 2011 Estimate. (Go to the OMB website if you doubt these figures)

They all lie and looking back doesn't make me feel one damned bit better. Our individual share of the debt is $47,000 each. If the taxes are raised, do you have any thoughts that the debt will go down? When Pigs Fly.


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