Photoshop Elements

Barb has been working with Photoshop Elements for a while now and has figured out how to make layers so she can blend pictures together. The picture below is one of the white tigers from the Safari Zoo in Caney, KS and a picture of the Reimers in Morocco. The reason for the post is to show people how you can no longer believe anything you see, read or hear. Plus it is a chance to make a picture of our extended family. I think there is nothing better in life than to extend, through friendship, your family.

Our house has been a joyous giggle for a couple of days now. Man is Barbara a great grandmother or aunt. She made cashew Blueberry pancakes this morning in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The girls are on an adventure as we speak. Can't tell you what it is for now.


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  1. Ah! The mystery is solved. Man, I wish I could master photoshop. That's cool. And you're right...you can't believe ANYTHING you see now because of it.

    Barb definitely got the skillz now.