'Nother Bike Ride

Yesterday Barb and I went to Lawrence to ride our bikes on the south trail there. It also gives us a chance to hit the HiVee Store and the World Market. We have ridden over 90 miles so far this summer and will continue to do more as the summer goes on. Barb has had a couple of minor falls in the past week so I'm not sure what's going on. The worst thing so far is a barked shin but I'm sure it hurt.

On Facebook today I saw a site for Helmets in Hand. They have a sticker HIH. I think someone needs to re think that. It is the Helmet on Head that does the work. HoH. Oh well, good idea. I do tell kids that are wearing a helmet thanks when I see them on their bike.

One of these days the Monsoon season here in Topeka will end and the sun will shine again, I hope. Dave and I were going to make a dump run but I'm not sure with thunderstorms predicted it we will. I know there is at least two truck and trailer loads to be transported. I can do most of it by myself but having a second set of hands makes it a lot easier.

Better get started...


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