Last Day of July

As a child, the last day of July was 2/3rds of the way through the summer. Now, the kids have only a couple of weeks left to the start of school. Normally there is a lot of hot weather left and time was spent swimming. With a lot of rain, there is still mowing left. Last night the sky clouded up early and it looked like we were going to get a lot of rain. Nope, not a drop.

Seems like there has been a lot of traffic deaths here in rural Kansas this week. One woman had her three daughters in the car and ran a stop sign only to get plowed into by an SUV. No one was wearing a seat belt and all were ejected. Only Mom survived. A motor cyclist over by Lake Shawnee went around a corner too fast and had to lay his bike down to keep from hitting a truck. No Helmet. Hes is in critical condition. I wear a helmet and gloves when I rode my bike. Oh well, not my call. I do thank little kids for wearing a helmet when I see them on the trail with their helmet on.

Better run. Fun tomorrow.


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  1. You know MUD, it's hard for me to believe that people still do not wear seat belts.

    I was one of those guys that said, "I ain't wearin' one of them things...get in a wreck and get trapped in there, etc..."

    Then about 8 years ago, my #2 son got clipped by an 18-wheeler on I-20 doing about 60 mph. His Mitsubishi Eclipse spun in front of the big rig, and slammed into the guard rail.

    When I got there and saw that car, it was miraculous to me that he had survived. You just had to see it to understand.

    He was injured. His injury was a bruise from his shoulder to his waist where his seat belt saved him from almost certain death.

    I have NEVER gotten into a car since then without buckling up. I was stupid. These people that don't buckle up, or require their kids to, are truly stupid, foolish, and don't love their families IMHO.