Laughter and Giggles

Our friends have been here for a couple of days and life has been full of laughter and giggles. We have had a lot of fun visiting and making sure they had a good time. Barb has a way of making everything fun and educational for the girls. they have looked up spiders, decorated a cake and planned and conducted their mom's birthday party. What a great time .

Tomorrow they will head off for Western Kansas and they are trying to get all their shopping done here in the land of Super Walmart. I guess out west in the little home towns Alco, Duckwall and Dollar general are the standard. They aren't bad, but somewhat limited in the number of brands they carry.

Yesterday, I went into Walmart and a bottle of water was $1.48. I saw a lady with a case of water and saw that it was $3.48 for a case. But, mine was cold. ?

Oh well, Dave is here and I need to run a few errands.


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