Freedom of Religion

Today I got a message that wanted me to write my Congressmen to help block the mosque from being built near ground Zero for 9-11. All I can say is that either you believe in freedom of religion or you don't understand what our freedom and liberties stand for. As much as I disagree with Fred Phelps and the WBC on their way of delivering their message, I wouldn't for a second stop it. I don't want people in the Catholic Church to not be able to give their opinion on abortion. I won't oppose where a church, mosque or synagogue is built. That is what we have freedom of religion.

I think it is immature for people to demand freedom and then want the Government to step in and silence or stop people that don't feel the way they do. Either we have freedom or we don't. I damn sure don't want the Government to get involved. Yes, this is the slippery slope speech that I will never tire of giving when I read another knee jerk reaction to something controversial.

I personally think abortion is a horrible way to have birth control. But, I in no way want my Government involved in a decision that should be between a woman and her Doctor. There are people that feel Government should be there to protect our freedoms. I want to know who is going to protect us from the Government when it steps in and takes over our personal choices.



  1. I can see how some people would feel it was an insult or rubbing salt in a wound to put a mosque there, but I agree with you. Aside from that, I think we need to be careful not to make generalizations about all people of any group. I believe there are many Muslims who were saddened and angered by the actions of the terrorists who claimed to represent their faith that day. As a Christian, I feel the same way about the WBC. I am ashamed that this awful excuse for a human being claims to be a Christian. It upsets me that there are people out there who judge my faith based upon the actions of a few, and although I do not agree with the teachings of Islam, I refuse to do the same to Muslims. My mom doesn't understand this. She is quick to say, "But Jenni, there are verses in the Koran that say..." Well, I don't know what the Koran says exactly, but there are verses in the Bible which have been misinterpreted and twisted to mean something which I do not believe they mean. Even if the Koran does advocate violence in places, I'm certain that not every Muslim believes the same way. How can they? I challenge you to find two people from any group who believe exactly the same thing to the same degree and who would follow those beliefs through to the same course of action.

  2. Freedom of Religion is going to be the downfall of the United States. When does a religion cease to be a religion and lose the right of protection under Freedom of Religion? When it controls the daily events of the lives of it congregration to the point where they "have" to conform and obey or are subject to severe penalties or death from the very so called religion they belong to. There is at least one religion that kills infidels for non conforminity, condones the killing of family members for bringing shame to the family. Treats womes as "property". Should that religion have Freedom of Religion to do as they please? I don't think so. Ray I.

  3. Ray,
    Please do not confuse the rights or practices of a religion from our standpoint as it is practiced in other places. The rights of our constitution prohibits the adoptionof sharia law because it give me the freedom to chose to not be under that law. If they want to practice it anyway they want here, within our laws, they have the right to do so. Kill your daughter here and you will go to jail. I marvel at the different kinds of religion practiced here to include none.
    Jenni, I always love how you seem to almost argue both sides of the point. It is difficult to decide what to do if you do not have some moral compass in your life. For some it is religion, for others it is our faith in our fellow man. Someday we'll have peace in the world but nmot so long as men pervert religion to spew hate. MUD

  4. MUD, I'm glad you brought this up. I've been back and forth (vaselining) on all of the outrage/protests over this topic.

    One side of me despises the idea that a Mosque will stand in that spot. But, the other side of me despises the idea that a religion might be denied the right to buy property, and construct a house of worship.

    It's the old deal, "They came for the Jews, and I said nothing...then one day they came for me, etc." I don't want to live in a country where public opinion (no matter how overwhelming) can influence such things, because it's just a short step to Christians being denied their buildings.

    Personally, I'm not a big "church building guy," but America doesn't need to go down this road. I can see a squirmy can of worms with the lid coming off. I don't know...maybe Christian churches have already been denied permits for building in some places.

    But, that's not a good reason to make it an easy thing to do.