Summertime and it's HOT!

Yesterday I was going to mow about 1 PM and after making a run to get gas in the non AC truck, I decided to wait until this morning. The temp was only 93 or 94, but the humidity drove the Heat Index well in to the mid 100 to 110 range. You could break a sweat getting up to turn on the fan inside a house with AC.

Barb and I rode our bikes yesterday morning at Lake Shawnee and officially we are over 100 miles this year. The Shawnee County Parks people have the lake looking so nice and most of the time the people on the pathway are nice and share. Every once in a while you will run into someone that doesn't think the rules apply to them. Yesterday a couple of old men were walking down the sidewalk and using almost the whole danged thing. I announced, "Bike on your left" and the guy on my side of the walkway just looked up but didn't move. Either he had no clue what side his left side was or he was a hard of hearing as he was stupid. Finally I told him that he needed to move over or get hit by passing bikes. The sidewalk is over 8 feet wide, just how much room does two old men need. A little later on, I met a pack of women walking 8 breasts wide on the sidewalk and at least two butts deep. They did move it down to 4 breasts wide and 4 butts deep. They were all having a great time and were talking up a storm. Would have liked to be a fly on that wall.

Better get out and fire up the mower. It is over 80 at 8:45 and going to be another warm one.


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  1. "8 breasts wide on the sidewalk and at least two butts deep."

    You crack me up, MUD...