Kansas Corporation Commission Letter

Mess with me and I'll write a letter to the Kansas Corporation Commission. For the first time in my life, I purchased an I-Phone with AT&T Service. I expected the phone to work and to get a bill from them on a monthly basis. What I did not expect was all the harassment that went with that bill. Consider us from the stone age, but we still pay our bills twice a month by mail. I don't care that you can accept electronic payment, direct bill or whatever you want, we pay our bills on the 1st and the 15th. Were I some 20 something that paid my bill when I wanted and missed some, I might understand a notice now and then.

The AT&T bill is cut off on the 15th and sent during the next business week. That puts it in our hands nearer to the 20th. Their imaginary date on the bill is a 28th due date with it not late until the 10th of the next month. On the due date, they would text message me that the bill was due. Then the system would generate a robo call near the 30th and a letter the first working day of the next month. Guess what, no matter what they do we pay our bills on the 1st and the 15th. I called the first time I got the bill and explained that I thought it was not necessary to get a text and then a call. They would get their money like AT&T/SW Bell has for the well over 40 years I have had one of their phones. The second time they batted for the cycle I called again and sorry was their answer. This month, I finally hit my limit when they texted, called and sent me an overdue notice on the 3rd. When I called on the 7th, they admitted there was no balance on the account. I told them I was going to cancel my service if they continued to harass me about the damned phone bill. The agent on the line went away to speak with her supervisor and sent me a voice mail that if I would write them a letter, they would stop the notices.

Now, I ask you does it seem fair that they can send me a voice mail and I have to send them a letter? Not to me. I hope the Kansas Corporation Commission doesn't see the humor in this either. I sent AT&T a letter and a copy of the letter I sent to the Corporation Commission. We'll see how they like that crap.

I am not happy about the fact that the dammed I-Phone requires a Voice Plan and a data plan. Then much to my surprise I find that I have to pay for text messages. For 80 bucks a month you would think that old farts who have a tough time doing text messages would get it for free. If I sent like a hundred a month it might be different. Guess what, if you call them they can block the incoming text messages. They will do that except for their own text messages about my bill. Crap, No Double Crap.

Today is clear and 65 this morning. It will only be 85 with almost no humidity and it will be a nice day to get out and "Blow the stink off." See ya'.



  1. I had similar issues with AT&T, so I dumped them and went with one of their competitors. THEN, they continuously called, sent e-mail, sent letters, wanting me to change back. I finally called them and told them (again) what my issues were, and they oh-so-guaranteed that those issues wouldn't happen again. So I asked them why they didn't correct them while I had their service, and the dude on the phone hung up on me.

    Stupid company still sends me letters....

  2. MUD, ATT will certainly change your billing date. Even though I do not use ATT, I know they will. But, go to the store instead of dealing with someone on the phone.

    I am the very same way on the bill pay thingy, EXCEPT for my cell phone. I do not want a paper bill at all from them, ever. I would rather get the text or a link in my e-mail.