Life in the Slow Lane

Things here at Rabbit Run have been kinda slow lately and I am hoping that our visit from the Reimers will, speed up things a little. I did work on the garage yesterday and at least organized it so we could get in and around the west bay of the garage. Now if I can get the 57 started and moved over to the rental garage I can park my car inside. That may not happen this week but soon, I hope. (Soon means before the snow flies)

Today I will clean windows and then kinda clean up the walkways and such. Mostly I will take the leaf blower and clean the hickory nut pieces off the walkways and the deck. I am not sure how the squirrels can eat the bitter little bitty hickory nuts but they at least chew them open and leave a mess everywhere. There is no way you can walk outside without shoes for the hard sharp pieces. I haven't figured out an easy way to pick up the pieces to use in the smoker.

Yesterday evening we had Dave and his wife Barb over for dinner. It is always a treat to get to talk with them and laugh at someone different's stories. I am not saying we are boring, but Barb does tell me I need to get some new material. I guess after 42 years she has listened to all of them. Oh well, I'd probably get into trouble if I sought out new stuff. 'Cides, there has to be a story or two I have not embellished into a tale worth listening to.

This fall my High School, Wichita East, is having our 45th reunion. I am torn about attending. While it might give me something to talk about, I do not really have ties with many of them any more. There is always my good friend Harvey but if I really wanted to see him, I would load up and travel to Bentonville.

Harvey is one of the superintendents on the Walton Family American Art Museum being built there. I for one cannot wait to see the finished project if the work in progress is any example of what it will be. The museum is a work of art that will house a lot of works of art. There is a sign that said they will spend 100 million dollars on art work to fill it. I guess if I were in the Walton's shoes I'd want an edifice for the people to help remember who I was. For now, I'll just be glad that Barb can remember who I am and not be mad.

Better go see if there is any stink to be blown off or dirt unturned.



  1. Good thing for that possum that you ain't a Coonass. He'd be off up in da' stew pot.

  2. the grill, never the stewpot.