We Can't be in Kansas Toto!


Yesterday was about the most perfect day weather wise we have ever had. It started out cool (65) and the air felt almost dry. It was sunny with a slight breeze and a high of 85 and the sky was glorious. It looked like someone had taken a feather duster and painted a few wispy clouds here and there. It was a day for mowing and I enjoyed it a lot. It felt like the days in Hawaii without the humidity.

Tonight I am going over to the Craigs for a BBQ. They have a new smoker and it should be fun to see the results of Dan's efforts. Did I mention that I love BBQ? There isn't a kind of BBQ that I don't like. I have been known to cook "Planned Overs" to create meals for the next week. In fact, last night we had noodles, in a mushroom sauce and chicken thighs from Sunday. Mighty tasty with a bag of steamables veggies. I am going out to see what Hickory tree needs to be cut down so I can take him a bag of hickory for his smoker.

Barb's parents have a three story hotel in Filer Idaho and it needs painted on the upper two stories. Barb asked me if I had any ideas? Yes, get the spray gun ready, rent a hoist and go paint it. I am not sure if we need a road trip right now but in a few weeks. We have our Morocco friends coming on a week or so and I am planning on meals for them. I'm sure that Barb will have plans for me that include lots of cleaning too. Oh to hear the giggle of little girls here at Rabbit Run.

The paper today had an article about the PT Cruiser production finally being shut down. The article indicated that Chrysler didn't listen to the public and make a two door or a panel delivery van model as the reason for the decline. No Dear one, it was because it was a noisy piece of junk. I rented one in Idaho a couple of years back and it sucked. In addition to blind spots because of the sloping windshield, it was underpowered, didn't get great mileage and was noisy on the highway. To add insult to injury, a new car without cruise control was just stupid. If it had not had the buttons like it did, I wouldn't have really been so upset. PT Cruiser was so mass produced that it will continue to decline in value until like the Vega, there aren't any more on the road in a couple of years.

Oh well, good things to see today. There is a Military Vehicle Owners Convention here in Topeka and for five bucks I can go relive my youth and take a bazillion pictures.



  1. You are right about the weather yesterday, spent the morning and early afternoon at the regatta, it was beautiful!

  2. MUD, I'm envious of your weather. And, in total agreement about the PT Cruiser.

    Why any sane human ever purchased one of those buckets of waste is beyond me. Oh wait...maybe no sane human ever did.

    Man...sounds like you've got a lot on your plate. And, I guess by the time you read this, you'll have a lot of BBQ in the gut.

    My wife owned a Vega when we met back in high school. Her Daddy paid $600 for it (I think). That was $1200 too much.