Election Season

I am not sure what your mail looks like now days, but here in Kansas the race between the two Republican Reps for the Brownback Senate seat is in full fling. Like mud that is. Both of them are to the right of Ronald Regan and every little thing that might be of any consequence is being hurled at us by Mail, the newspaper or TV. Sure be glad when this round of madness is over. The funny thing is that right now I don't really care which one wins. I am a little pissed off by a call the other evening where Jerry Moran's campaign called me and acted like they were a poll. I told them that I didn't see much difference and the caller launched into a here's why you should vote for Moran. If I had to vote right this moment that one thing would cause me to not vote for Moran.

Our Senator Brownback who created the whole mess is running for Governor. Our paper carried a few comments from his democratic opponent and she is a lot of french fries shy of a happy meal. They quoted her as one of those conspiracy nuts that talks about mind control and implanted microchips. Where do these people come from? Oh well, Brownback has well over a million dollars in his campaign chest and he will thump it after the prelims.

I just got word that our Grand niece in Tulsa is in the hospital to give birth to their son. That makes my brother a great grandfather. I'll bet he is among the best.

Oh well, better get rolling and get some things done early. It will be way too hot in the afternoon to be out and working up a sweat.


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