Good Times!

White Tiger from Caney, KS in Morocco Picture by Barb

Our friends from Morocco are here and I'm loving it. We started today with a ham, eggs and potatoes for breakfast. I plan on sending Gerald into the arms of his family with the lust for real meat satisfied. Tonight I'm going to grill all sorts of good things and again I say that anyone that goes home hungry did so because they wanted to. We are even having guests over to help us celebrate with out guests. We will also have Dave and his wife, Barb, also.

The special K's (Kendra and Katrina) are off with Barb on a secret mission. I suspect it is to the Mall but with them, who knows where they will wind up. We are all going to meet at Jason's deli for lunch but with the big breakfast and the anticipation of supper, I think I will settle for a salad. (Or a Muffaletta or some gumbo...) The Reimers are off to a Doctor's appointment and a trip to their storage area. Me, I am just settling for some quite time alone here with the animals at Rabbit Run. Probably will go out and play fetch with Big Dog until it gets too hot for him.




  1. That Jason's gumbo is pretty danged good.

    It is torturous to read about grilling right now, though. I am currently without a place to produce fire.

  2. MUD, I'm glad your company made it in. Have a great time.

    That's not a real tiger, is it?