Old Trucks

Yesterday the 53 Chevy Pick up had something go pop as I went into the driveway at the rental house. We filled the bed and a trailer with tree limbs and then drove it to Dave's house. As we shut it down, the left rear wheel was smoking. I got the garden hose and cooled it off so it didn't start a fire. A little later I drove it home and while it did get hot, it wasn't smoking. One of the brake pieces came loose and the shoes were pressing against the brake drum. I pulled it apart and found the brake cylinder was shot. Normally replacing that would be a 15 minute task once the part is on hand. For some dumb reason I worked on it for over an hour and finally when the heat index topped 100 I went inside to cool it off. OK, I took a nap and cooled down. When I went back outside later on, I applied some know how to the problem and fixed that part in about 20 minutes. I took a good look and realized that there were parts in the wrong place and I took off the other rear wheel to figure out what I had done wrong. It was messed up worse than the side that locked up. Another hour or two putting everything together correctly and finally I got to call it a day about 8 PM. We started yesterday about 9 AM cutting up a tree that had fallen and you would think I would have slept like a log. Not so much.

Our little great grand nephew in Oklahoma has been having some breathing problems. He is in the NICU and was moved to another hospital. Dave spent 4 to 5 weeks in an isolet when he was born in 1975. I really understand his mother's desire to hold him. He will be home shortly and everything will be forgotten.

Oh well, places to go and things to finish cutting down. Have a great day.


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