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Mom & Dad's Grave in Topeka
On Memorial day, I went by Mom and dad's grave to see if they had attached the year marker to the Bronze Grave Marker. In addition to the flowers we brought, someone had put some red roses there and left no card. The Cemetery also put an American Flag by Dad's marker because he was a veteran of WWII.

Today I started out bright and early to get a haircut and do some shopping for Dog Food at Walmart. At 9 AM the store was nearly empty. They had only three check-out lanes open and I went almost to the front of one line. A nice lady and her three year old daughter came in right behind me and I did get to say hello to them. Our lane had a display of Cracker Jack candy in it and there were three boxes for 97 cents. The three year old was just sure that Mommy was going to stock up. Wrong!
It may rain today and while it is still cool (80) the humidity is building and there is a cloud cover. I have no plans to go to the lake or anything like that so it is no big deal what the weather does. I grilled burgers for today's lunch when I fired up the grill yesterday. There is probably enough to use one for spaghetti sauce for dinner. I just love to use grilled burgers in other foods as "planned-overs" It is not quite as good as the Chicken breasts for stir fry but I love that smoky flavor.
Better go see if I can get anything good done before it rains.

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  1. MUD, thanks for posting the photo of your Dad & Mom's place of rest.

    God bless whoever left the other flowers! Occasionally we will visit the cemetery where our kinfolks are. It always gives me a smile to see something I didn't really expect...it's only happened twice, but I really liked it.