Truth, the Whole Truth and....Oh Crap

To know me is to know that I love to tell stories about myself and things that happened to me growing up. As in most stories, fables and tales, they are often embellished a little and with repeated telling they can be subject to "Fact Creep." I am also married to a fact checker that wants to know where I get the information when I get political. What do you say when you listen to a lot of sources and read a wide and varied amount? I will listen to the news and work on the computer and don't have a clue if that kernel of truth was planted or combined from many sources.

If you want the absolute truth, I don't have a clue where you could go in this day and age. I am convinced that while in the old days there was at least an editor in the paper business that was charged with the responsibility of honesty. We now know that a lot of what we read was based on a business decision to provide the news and enough titillation to keep the circulation of the paper high. With ratings driving revenue today, the news programs are headed to an area where they pander to an audience and have made the truth into entertainment. Even Dave Ramsey who helps his listeners make good buying decisions sells his books and seminars.

To expect bloggers or Face book writers to be absolutely truthful is over the line. It will be the truth to the best of my memory but as I get older, I often have trouble finding my car keys.

Oh well, have a great day.


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